Vocational Velocity Finance Program


Volvo Financial Services (VFS) is pleased to offer the 2019 Vocational Velocity Finance Program. Under this program, customers who purchase a new Volve 2020 and Volvo 2019 VHD truck or tractor and finance with VFS may qualify for a complimentary Engine Plan 2, Exhaust After-Treatment Coverage, competitive retail rates, no down payment and extended days to first payment to qualified buyers. Don't wait, protect your investment now!


  • • Engine Plan 2-4 years / 250,000 miles purchased coverage
  • • Exhaust After-Treatment (EATS) 4 years / 250,000 miles purchased coverage
  • • Terms up to 72 months for A and B profile buyers*
  • • 100% financing available for A and B profile buyers
  • • Optional 120 days to first payment for A profile buyers and up to 90 days to first payment for B profile buyers
  • • 10% down payment available for C profile buyers and an optional 60 days to first payment
  • • TRAC lease financing options available for qualified buyers*

*NOTE Extended days to first payment optional are not available for TRAC Leases. All financing conditions, including final approved transaction terms and down payment amount are subject to standard VFS credit underwriting guidelines and advance policy.

  Effective through December 31, 2019